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Super Belt, BLACK V-Belt for Singer Featherweight 221 or 222

This product has been in development for the last couple of years, and we are thrilled that there is finally a quality replacement belt for the Singer Featherweight. These new belts are much softer, allowing the motor to run much faster with less resistance. Because these belts allow the machines to work more efficiently, the motors are under less strain with normal sewing. This will extend the life of your 221 & 222 Featherweight motor. 

The Superbelt is available in Black or Translucent White.

          How to Replace and Install the Featherweight Belt

To replace and install the belt you will need to raise the motor up. To raise it, there is a screw on the back of the motor housing (seen from the front of the machine at the right side, behind the hull). Standing over the machine, with an appropriately-sized screwdriver in your right hand and your left hand holding the motor (you're leaning over the machine); you'll unscrew the screw just slightly and adjust your motor up a little bit so that it can loosen your current belt all the way. Remove the belt from around the motor pulley and handwheel and replace it with the new belt in the same manner, making sure that it is tucked into the correct position into the handwheel.

If you want to protect the finish on your machine; place a soft cloth between the screwdriver and the machine's hull or you can scratch the finish by trying to access that oddly-placed screw on the motor housing bracket.

Super Belt, BLACK V-Belt for Singer Featherweight 221 or 222