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Hooks And Eyes, Brass, Black, No.1, 12 Pieces

Item Description


These stainless hooks and eyelets, made of black-coated brass, are excellent for any piece of clothing where fastenings need to be installed discretely and invisibly. These fastenings with burr-free workmanship can be sewn very easily into trousers, jackets, skirts, blouses, or lingerie thanks to their laterally-curved eyelets. They can also be used as additional support for zip fasteners in skirts or dresses. These coated fastenings’ flawless and high-quality workmanship make them absolutely comfortable to wear, even with direct skin contact.


  • Hooks and eyelets fasten trousers, skirts, and lingerie
  • Made of black-coated, stainless brass
  • Comfortable to open and close
  • Perfectly comfortable to wear, even with direct skin contact