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Glitter Webbing Hot Pink- sold by the metre

Glitter Webbing 1.25in width. Gorgeous colors, these are best sellers! Webbing shown on the Essentials Tote sewing pattern and can be used on the the Ananda and Bliss Yoga bag patterns for quicker finishes. Easily incorporated into any bag pattern with straps.

Perfect for bag making, as webbing helps to create straps in a fraction of the time it takes to make fabric straps. Strong and pliable cotton & acrylic material with metallic glitter sparkles throughout. One side is glittery. After cutting your lengths use fray check on the ends to prevent fraying or take a lighter to them for a second or two.

Technical stuff: 1.25in width Acrylic cotton combination webbing is strong yet pliable. Easily sewn with a Universal needle on a home sewing machine.

  • Color: Pink
  • Made of: Cotton and Acrylic
  • Size: 1.25in wide