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Thread Jam Removal Tool, COMMON SIZE for Singer Featherweight 221, 222, & 301

Fits most all Singer Featherweight 221 models as well as the 222 hook assemblies... For the common hook assembly style.

The most common cause for a seized machine is thread caught and often hidden behind the bobbin case base.  Do not force the machine or severe, costly damage will occur to the hook assembly.  This tool is designed to be used with universal application on Singer 221, 222 and Singer 301 hook assemblies.  The new Thread Jam Removal Tool makes disentangling a thread jam very easy, and it can all be done without taking the hook assembly apart!  

Instructions are as follows:

  1. Remove the needle throat plate.

  2. Place a towel between the faceplate and bed extension; stand the machine on its handwheel end.

  3. Insert the Thread Jam Removal Tool over the bobbin case base post, ensuring that it is flush against the base.

  4. While holding the handwheel, turn the tool clockwise until there is no resistance.  

  5. Inspect the bobbin case base for any thread that may have been expunged - it is often a very small piece. 

  6. Reinstall the needle throat plate, making sure the positioning finger is in the gap on the underside of the throat plate.  

The early Featherweights from 1933 and 1934 had a different hook assembly, and they require a different Thread Jam Removal Tool. This can be special ordered.

Hook Assembly is not included, but is only shown for demonstration and comparison.  

NOTE:  Because this is a tool to be used, the Thread Jam Tool is not returnable.