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Bed Cushions, Rubber Feet for Singer Featherweights

For your Singer Featherweight 221 Model.  Do your bed cushions look hard, brittle and slick?  Are they smashed, melted or flat? 

Replace them with brand new perfectly sized cushions for your Singer Featherweight 221, 222 or Singer 301 Sewing Machine.  They are supple and smooth, yet will grip your sewing surface for vibration and noise absorption.  Plus, they look much, much better! 

Screw is not included, but is shown in the photos above so that you know how to attach the cushions to your machine.

Simply remove your old yucky, worn-out cushions (yes, this might mean you will have to dig out some of the old rubber with a screwdriver if your cushions are like the one pictured above), set your little screws aside and reuse them to apply your new bed cushions.

If you have a Featherweight 222 model, then your machine requires a Set of 5, which can be selected from the drop-down menu.

Note:  These bed cushions will not work on a White Singer Featherweight, because the White Featherweight requires rubber feet that are not only much smaller but instead of having screws to set each one, they are glued in place.