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Electronic Foot Controller for Singer 221/222

This foot controller (sometimes called a foot pedal) is the complete unit for the Singer Featherweight 221, and 301 -- just plug it in and begin sewing! No extra cord is required.  This style is a step-up from most in that it is Electronic and will not heat up, even with long hours of continuous sewing.  Some generic styles often seen (which we no longer carry) still contain fragile carbon disks.  These carbon disks can break during shipping or if dropped, renders the foot controller useless. 

Above and beyond for our customers:  Not all electronic foot controllers are the same. Our electronic foot controllers have been properly tested, making sure the plugs are properly suited for use and function. We also make sure that the plug to the machine is properly situated - the foot cord is at the front of the cord and the wall cord is at the back.  (Otherwise, it makes for a shorter cord to the floor or is just a plain nuisance!)  

Another benefit to this Electronic new foot controller is that it has a wider foot base for easier speed control... Like stepping on the gas pedal instead of a small button.  The length of the cord from the plug that goes into the machine to the actual foot controller unit is 55 inches.

This controller is suited for 110 volt electricity (North America) and the plug has the three round-pin holes (like most all 221 machines require).  Most 222K machines, however, require a plug to suit the three flat pins on their machine receptacle.  Therefore, if you have a 222K free-arm Featherweight, this controller will only work on your 222K if it uses 110 volt electricity and if it has been suited with the more common round 3-pin terminal receptacle.