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Large Freearm Embroidery Hoop

Easy hooping thanks to ergonomic twist-lock mechanism

  • Embroider on already closed, tubular projects
  • For large embroidery designs
Item number: 1066817

The BERNINA Large Freearm Embroidery Hoop enables the use of the BERNINA freearm with tubular items, such as pre-made bags, or T-Shirts, without requiring unsewing and re-sewing. Thanks to this unique technology, you will save on additional stabilizer and fabric for hooping while enjoying the benefits of freearm embroidery with larger projects.

Moreover, the ergonomic twist-lock mechanism lets you hoop your projects with even more ease. Close the hoop by turning the twist-lock until you hear a distinct click.


Compatible with the following BERNINA machines:

  • B 830* | B 880 | B 880 PLUS
  • B 700 | B 720 | B 735 | B 750 QE* | B 770 QE** | B 770 QE PLUS | B 780* | B 790 | B 790 PLUS
  • B 500 | B 535 | B 540 | B 570 QE | B 590

* The firmware of the machines marked with an asterisk* is currently being revised. The latest version will be published in the support section.
** Only machines with sufficient flash memory capacity. Read the document "Compatibility Firmware B 770 EN" in the support section before you download a firmware.