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Preparing Your Quilt for Machine Quilting

Quilt Top: 

  • Make sure your quilt top is squared off and all seams are securely  stitched. 
  • Trim all loose threads.
  • If borders are not square, they may be uneven and can develop puckers in the quilting process.
  • We will do everything we can to  prevent this, but we cannot compensate for the quilt construction and no  amount of quilting will eliminate the rippling caused by the flared  borders.  As  quilt blocks and pieces are assembled, the edges tend to grow. As a  result, edges are often longer than the center of the quilt. If you cut a  border strip of fabric, sew it to an edge, trim it off, and repeat  around the quilt, chances are that the borders will be longer than the  center of the quilt, and you will have "ruffled" borders. Our goal as piecer and quilter is a flat, square quilt.To avoid ruffled borders,  measure the center of your quilt, cut the first set of border strips to  that length, mark the centers of the strips and the centers of the sides  of the quilt, and pin from the center out to each side, easing in  fullness. If your quilt is large, take three measurements across the  center, average the measurements, and use that number for your border  length. Re-measure and repeat for the second set of borders. If you are making a top with several borders, repeat this technique for each.  

​​Quilt Back: 

  • Backing fabric should be at least 6-8" larger all the way around than the quilt top.
  • If there are any seams in the backing, make sure that the selvages are removed, threads are trimmed and the back is squared up.
  • If it is not, there will be an  additional fee for squaring up the quilt back to properly load it onto  the machine.  This is time consuming and the following charges will  apply.


  • Batting must be at least 4" larger than the quilt top.
  • Do NOT spray or pin baste your quilt.

Note*: If you're top of backing are directional please mark the top left corner of your top and back with a safety pin.

Ready for your Quilt to be Quilted?

Local and Shipping Information

  • Drop off your quilt to Stitch and Bobbin in Gibsons during business hours Tues-Sat. 10-5, Sunday 12-4
  • Call and schedule an appointment to meet at my studio/home in Gibsons
  • Ship through Canada Post with insurance. Flat rate boxes are available through the post office.I will immediately confirm arrival of your quilt by phone or email. Please contact me by phone or email to let me know you are sending a quilt.
  • Send your quilt top, backing fabric, batting, &/or binding fabric with a completed intake form.
    • Mail to Stitch and Bobbin, #109- 1100 Sunshine Coast Hwy., Gibsons, BC V0N 1V7
      • Place your quilt, backing and batting into a plastic bag inside the box.
      • Include in the bag with your quilt and materials a note with your name, address, email and phone number, include mine as well in case of emergency.
      • Be sure to fully address the box with your full name and return address, and my full name and address.
      • I will return ship your quilt by Canada Post Priority Mail with insurance and a tracking number


  • For quilts that are locally picked up or delivered I accept cash, check, and credit cards.
  • For quilts that are shipped, I will email an invoice through Paypal's secure website.  At Paypal you may pay by credit card. I can also accept e-transfers upon request. Following receipt of payment I will ship the quilt.