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Andie Hanna

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Andie Hanna grew up in Columbus, OH. After earning her degree in Fashion Design from the Shannon Rogers and Jerry Silverman School of Fashion Design and Merchandising at Kent State, she enjoyed an almost two-decade career working for some of the country's top brands. She gained inspiration from international travel which helped influence her designs and her decision to start her own business.

In 2012, she started Andie Hanna Designs LLC. Having taught herself the art of print and pattern design, she has enjoyed working with a variety of brands while being home with her two children, Emerson and Elle.

Travel continues to be a big influence on her work as does her family, nature, antiques and fine art - all providing inspiration for the work she is passionate about. This inspiration paired with Andie’s keen eye on trends, sense of style and product development expertise makes for designs that are truly unique.

In addition to fabric, Andie’s artwork can be seen on a wide variety of products such as adult coloring books, journals, notecards, greeting cards, calendars, magnets, postcards, wall art, coasters, notepads, bags and accessories.

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Burly Beaver - Steel Thermos


Burly Beaver Ash Tree Bark


Burly Beaver- Charcoal Plaid


Burly Beaver-Cadet Flannel


Burly Beavers- Iron Flannel


Campsite Critters- Blue Blanket


Campsite Critters- Fox


Campsite Critters- Grey Blanket


Campsite Critters- Panel


Purely Canadian Eh Flannel Red


Purely Canadian Eh Flannel Smoke


Purely Canadian EH Summer Bbq Bear


Purely Canadian EH Summer Bbq Beavers


Purely Canadian EH Summer Bbq Chair


Purely Canadian EH Summer Bbq Goose


Purely Canadian EH Summer Bbq Lobster


Purely Canadian EH Summer Bbq Moose


Quilt Kit: Campsite Critters


Steel Burly Beavers