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Bernina Accessories

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#86 Ruffler Attachment 7&8 series


#88 38mm Binder


#8D Jeans 9mm Dual Feed Foot


#9 Darning/Free Motion foot


#95 Foot for 88 Binder Attachment


#95C Foot for 88 Binder Attachment 9mm


#97D 1/4" Dual Feed foot


7/8 series foot set


Bernina #1 Golden Reverse Pattern Foot in a Collector's Tin


Bernina Crystalworks Software


Bernina Crystalworks Tool


Bernina Cutwork Software


Bernina Cutwork Tool


Bernina Designworks suite


Bernina Jumbo Hoop


Bernina Mega Hoop


Bernina Midi Hoop


BERNINA Needle Point Laser


Bernina Oil Pen


Bernina Paintwork Tool (just the foot)


Bernina Paintwork Tool Set


Bernina Ruler Set for domestic machines


Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR)


Bernina Trolley Cart Large 3/4/5 series


Bernina Trolley Cart XL 7/8 series


Bobbins- 7 series 5 pack


Bobbins- 8 series 6 pack


Buttonhole Block and Cutter Set


Buttonhole Compensation Plate


CB Bobbins


Gripper Rings by Bernina


Magnifying Glass Bracket (2, 3 series)


Magnifying Glass Bracket (4, 5, 6 series)


Magnifying Glass Bracket (7 series)


Magnifying Glass Bracket (Classic)


Magnifying Glass Set


Multiple Spool Holder


Needle-punch tool for CB Hook


Needle-punch tool for Rotary Hook


Rotary- 9mm Bobbins


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